Different Types of Axes: Which do You Need?

The vast array of axes available for varying tasks can be puzzling, with each possessing its own distinctive design and purpose. Amongst the formidable collection is the felling axe – boasting a lengthy handle and a weighty head, this tool is an expert in bringing down trees. Another member of the team is the splitting […]

The Best Felling Axe for Cutting Down Trees

felling axe in tree

Whether you are maintaining a wooded homestead or someone who simply loves to work on woodcutting projects, then you know how important it is to have the right equipment. A felling axe is an essential tool for cutting down trees, and it’s vital to choose one that’s suitable for your needs. Plus, they are much […]

Why Your Homestead Needs Chickens

chickens in pen

Chickens are an integral part of a healthy homestead. Not only do they provide delicious eggs and meat, but they also offer other benefits such as pest control, soil enrichment, and weed suppression. In addition, raising chickens can bring a unique and enjoyable experience to your life. With their friendly nature and amusing antics, they […]

What is Homesteading?

living off the land

Curious About What Homesteading is and See Whether or Not it is Something You Want to Pursue